BML Group is a team of architects, builders, carpenters, interior designers, managers, marketing specialists and real estate professionals with extensive experience in their field, able to implement projects of any type and level of difficulty – ranging from the construction of residential objects up to the development of commercial projects.
The main advantage of the company is its ability to implement turn-key type projects, as all the specialists involved in the project are working in the same office and constitute a perfect team of highly skilled professionals. Taking responsibility for the final result and safeguarding its quality, experienced company managers and project managers ensure the implementation of projects at the highest level within budget limit and according to strict deadlines. BML Group offers a full range of services: search for the objects in accordance with the wishes of the client, financial analysis and calculations of the project, necessary legal coordination, architectural design, construction, renovation, decoration, development and implementation of interior design, production of exclusive furniture, delivery of furniture and interior design items from leading manufacturers, as well as the development of commercial projects, including provision of the necessary marketing support.
Whether you want to build a house for your family, remodel and create a new apartment interior or implement a commercial project with the aim of selling it and making a profit, you should realise that construction or even remodelling is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires not only professional knowledge, but also an understanding of the market situation and legal side of the issue. You will be involved in a long process of communication and work with architects, engineers, designers, builders, decorators, carpenters, finishers, lawyers and many other professionals. Having contacted BML Group, you will mainly deal with only one representative, who has the overall responsibility for the entire project implementation process up to the object complete turnkey delivery; thus, you will save your time and money: BML Group is your reliable partner in the area of construction and interior design!